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What is URL to DOMAIN? is a free and professional tool that extracts / parses domains and subdomains from all kinds of URLs (also called 'Internet web addresses').

For whom is this tool designed?

For webmasters, online business owners, SEO (search engine optimization) professionals, web development service providers, and Internet marketers. It may be especially handy to site owners affected by a 'negative SEO attack' who use the disavow tool offered by Google and Bing. The disavow tool allows webmasters to upload a .txt file containing a list of malicious / unwanted URLs or domains that link to the affected website in order to neutralize their potential negative effects.

What kind of TLD and gTLD names does the tool use?

URLtoDOMAIN uses all ICANN domains and the majority of private domains. The database of names is regularly updated to make sure all TLD/gTLD names are valid and properly executed by the script.

What character encoding does the tool use?

All output data is encoded in UTF-8 format.

Is there a limit on the number of URLs I can submit?

As long as you don't try to paste a million of URLs into the form at once, it should work without limits :) We strongly suggest not to include more than 500K of entries at a time to avoid service interruption (it may take up to a few minutes for the script to finish execution of a large data set). If, after submitting the form, you don't see the results in a yellow-background textarea it means you tried to work on too many URLs at the same time.

Can I save the results to a plain text (.txt) or CSV file?

You surely can! The links to Open / Save the list of parsed sub/domains in a .txt or CSV format will appear on the Results page as soon as the extracting process is completed. Please note that the results will be available for download for a few hours from the submission time and after that they will be automatically and permanently removed.

This tool works great! How can I repay the favor?

If you use this tool and encounter an unexpected issue (for example, a submitted URL isn't parsed into a valid domain or subdomain name), you may use the Report link to let us know about the problem. Other than that, feel free to share your successful story about URLtoDOMAIN with your friends and other web professionals!


- The URL to DOMAIN tool is 100% anonymous and secure; in order to ensure that the script is always fast and stable, we don't permanently collect or store the submitted URLs (except for the ones submitted by the <Report a problem> link). We don't use any tracking or analytical cookies.

- We may collect general data (the number of submitted URLs or IP addresses) for statistical purposes and to improve our Site.

- Users who abuse the tool may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

- If you have additional comments, questions, or suggestions (relevant advertising or sponsorship inquiries are welcome), you may contact us at info ~